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Excited to make the list of 10 "Best Trade Show Design Companies"

Flatworks Displays is transforming the tradeshow experience with customizable booths that set up in minutes — without a single tool — and pack down to a compact crate that also becomes your kiosk. No more waiting for your pallet. They created this solution because of all the frustrations they experienced when exhibiting at small and large trade shows.

They developed a no tool assembly trade show system about 2 years ago with lots of things in mind. They wanted to disrupt the industry by putting the control back in the hands of the exhibitors. Their system is in many cases a fraction of the weight and shipping footprint which leads to huge savings in freight, drayage and storage. In addition, it doesn’t require tools so any exhibitor staff can set up. There are so many pain points in getting to and from the convention halls and I think they have solved most of them.

They are also very interested in trying to use upcycled materials but for now since Their system is durable and reusable it lowers the carbon footprint substantially. One of their biggest benefits is the entire booth and in some cases also the product fit in a compact shipping crate (s) that turn into the writing table and storage. No more waiting for your crate or pallet at the end of the trade show.

A sample of expos and shows where clients trusted Flatworks Displays as their exhibition stand design partner:
  • International home and housewares show

  • Toy Fair

  • Magic Surf expo

  • National hardware show

  • Natural Products Expo

  • West Fancy foods

  • Global Pet Expo

  • Super zoo

  • NY NOW

  • DEMA

Examples of trade show displays and booth design for Flatworks Displays

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Examples of trade show displays and booth design for Flatworks Displays
Examples of trade show displays and booth design for Flatworks Displays
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