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Flatworks Displays is transforming the tradeshow experience with customizable booths that set up in

Establishing your presence at a key tradeshow is a pivotal milestone for a new brand, while a multi-show circuit can provide the backbone of sales for industry vets. But regardless of how big your company is, the traditional tradeshow booth — and the logistical puzzle that comes with owning one — has long been considered one of the necessary evil of entrepreneurship. Not any more. San Diego-based company Flatworks Displays has created a solution that will save you time, money, and space — and make you standout in a sea of slatwall and wire grids.

“We have clients that used to spend two full days, with multiple employees, setting up their 20-by-20-foot space,” says co-founder Josh Rifkin. “With a Flatworks booth, it takes one person less than two hours. The time and money saved is enormous. But it’s not just about money — the employees on the ground are happier and more productive when tradeshow season rolls around.”

With the popular 10-foot-by-20-foot booth weighing roughly half of what a typical show booth weighs, and costing less than $10k, a Flatworks booth solves several perennial problems and pays for itself after a half dozen shows. Flatworks booths eliminate the need for set-up labor costs; they drastically reduce shipping costs, as you move your booth from one show to the next; and they require minimal storage space between shows. The flatpack design is extremely durable — built in the USA using high-grade laminated plywood and expertly milled and hand finished — able to handle the heaviest merchandise. A 10-by-20 weighs just 500 pounds, sets up in less than 30 minutes, without a single tool, and the crate it’s shipped in can double as your marquee table top — no more waiting for that bloated booth box at the end of the show.

“What we’re most proud of is how customizable these booths are,” says Josh. “Companies are telling us how much more unique their flatworks setups feel, once they’ve picked their color, graphics, and configuration. These really are like mini storefronts you can be proud of.”

The Flatworks team brings 25 years of manufacturing experience to the launch of their flagship product. But, more importantly, they’re true tradeshow vets. Josh spent a decade on the other side, navigating many of the biggest tradeshows in America as the sales director for a major publishing company. He spent years refining that experience so he could devote less time to setting up and more time to meeting new people — but no matter how lean his operation was, it remained an expensive and unwieldy routine. The Flatworks team realized that in order to truly eliminate the single worst part about attending tradeshows, the booth as we know it had to go.

“Tradeshows are a goldmine of opportunity,” says Josh. “But they should also be exciting. It’s all about engaging with your customers and our system allows you to set up fast and focus on what’s important… your customer!”

Josh believes they’ve created a smart solution for large companies that currently attend tradeshows with their own booths, as well as an unprecedented opportunity for smaller businesses that have been put off by the costly barrier to entry. The Flatworks team is passionate about building businesses — not just their own, but helping all entrepreneurs connect with as many potential customers as possible. Whether you’re still in start-up “pipe-and-drape” mode or you currently own a fleet of old-school booths, Flatworks is the refresh that will have an immediate impact on your business and your bottom line.

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